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Starring On Tonights Episode

I was bored the other night so as I went up and down the channels, I decided to watch Shark. The funny thing about the episode I was watching is that it was like a who’s who of character actors.

In the episode of Shark I watched, Peter Gallagher was Stark’s law partner before Stark became a prosecutor. Peter Gallagher is now on one of my new favorite shows, Covert Affairs.

Jeri Ryan is a regular on the show and I remember her from last season of Leverage and also as my favorite character from Star Trek: Voyager.

Carlo Rota played an assassin hired to kill Stark and Carlo is best known by me for his role as Morris O’Brian, Chloe’s ex husband on 24.

Another regular on Shark is Sophina Brown who I watch religiously on Numbers. There is no mistaking her because of her large curly locks.

Danielle Panabaker is another regular on the show and plays Stark’s daughter. I recently watched her, not on TV but in a movie, The Crazies. Not such a great movie but I liked her role in the flick.

Lastly, the bullet that was meant for Stark ended up in his friend’s chest; actor Joe Spano who now plays FBI agent Tobias Fornell on NCIS. Never before have I seen such an ensemble group of people from shows that I watch regularly — or maybe I never noticed before. Either way, it was neat to enjoy Shark, (a show I never watched before) and seen all these other great stars too.


One response to “Starring On Tonights Episode

  1. Tom Baker September 8, 2010 at 11:19 pm

    Interesting collection of guest stars. We like a lot of the same shows except Numbers I can take it or leave it!

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