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Cheerleader Modesty

Some of the members of the cheerleading squad at Central High School in Bridgeport, Connecticut say their uniforms show off too much of their midriff and say it hurts their self-esteem.

In a world where Britney and J-Lo show off almost every riff they have I find it refreshing and promising that these girls want to be a little bit more modest in their dress. On of the girls, Heidi Medina said we all had to put on shorts underneath. The uniforms showed too much of their butts and stomachs.

“Just to ensure everyone is comfortable, we are going to have body suits,” said James Denton, the Athletic Director. Body suits will make it more comfortable wearing the uniforms the way they are now and in time they will be altered.

Congratulations Central High School cheerleaders for sticking to your morals.


Denver Broncos Cheerleaders Showing Midriff



It’s Okay At Home But Not At The Mall

Last night my sister, James and I went to the mall. My sister needed some supplies for school.

There were three guys in shorts in the food court. These characters were not only there in shorts but they had no underwear on. You could tell.

So what, three guys are in the store with no underwear on. Big deal! No, these guys were out with the expressed intent to be noticed and you’ll have to forgive me, but I couldn’t stop staring. You could see the outline of their private part and I know they were there to purposely be seen because you could tell at times one or all of them were getting aroused.

They would cover their crotch with their hand and then minutes later they would remove the hand with a somewhat smaller bulge. Then you could see another one’s bulge sticking out and he would cover it. From what I could tell I don’t think they were perverts or anything. They were teenagers. From the looks of the three girls sitting at one of the tables, it seemed more like the guys may have lost a truth or dare game and had to perform this little stunt. Friends can be cruel and I will never play truth or dare again.

I changed seats with my sister so she would not notice what I found hard to not look at. No pun intended and James was oblivious. I noticed one of the guys checking his phone and another his watch. I thought their time must have been almost up for embarrassing themselves publicly.

I kept watching them and I noticed there was a wet spot on one of the guys shorts. I knew what that was and I could tell he knew it was there as well. He began turning beet red. A little later I watched one of the girls tapping on her watch. Time was up I thought.

No, not really. The guys went into the bathroom. When they came out there shirts were no longer tucked into their shorts and their shorts were hanging lower on their legs. I knew what they were doing and I decided it was time for us to leave. I was even contemplating finding mall security and telling on them.

They had pulled their shorts down exposing themselves and the only thing covering their butts and penises was their extra long t-shirt. I whispered to James and of course he thought I was out of my mind. The three girls walked up to the guys and arm in arm the six walked out of the food court and out of the mall. I told James to follow them.

James came back and told me the girls made them strip before they got in the car and drove away. Wow!