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Even Bacteria Won’t Eat A Happy Meal

Anyone Want An 180 Day Old Happy Meal?


Even Bacteria Won’t Eat A Happy Meal. I’m not sure exactly why this is true but I’ve lost my taste for fast food — for now!


Press #1 For English

I’m a lazy person not a prejudice person. For the reason I would like someone to please explain to me the rationale behind an automated customer service line that makes people in America press one to hear the options spoken in English.

It is a faux paus beyond words. I cannot for the likes of me fathom why in a country where the native tongue is English, I have to choose English. English in my opinion should be the default language and if the company accommodates other tongues, they should be included in the choices. Believe me, its not just the PMS talking. This really bothers me because lately I have been on the phone regularly with companies from Comcast to WalMart trying to get some things situated.

This really does bother me, but perhaps it shouldn’t.