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The World Is Full Of Wonderful Bloggers

Oh the people that you meet when you’re walking down the street. Those are lyrics from one of my favorite Sesame Street songs! (Don’t laugh)!

More important are the people that you meet when you’re surfing the blogosphere. I want to give a shout out to all the nice people that stopped by last Sunday for the Community Network Meme. It was a good idea and I hope we can continue or even expand upon on it — did you hear me Tom?

Everyone who left comments for me and spent time visiting this old raggedy site, I appreciate it muy mucho! To the great sites I visited, please come by and see me sometime. It was both fun and a learning experience.If you were not a part of this meme, contact Tom Baker and let him know you want another one. I know he’s got a stash of things in his mind just waiting to get out.




What Would You Do?

I  got an invitation to a dinner party several weeks ago. Tonight was the dinner party and when I got there I found out it was a nude dinner party. The hosts are self proclaimed ‘home nudists’. Okay, okay it was a virtual invitation so no clothes were actually shed but it did get me to thinking.

Would I really attend his dinner party if it was for real. The blogger in question is my friend Tom Baker and you can see both the invite and the fake dinner. Would my husband and I attend a real nude dinner party? James’ thoughts were if he could trust that Tom wouldn’t secretly have hidden cameras all over, he wouldn’t mind. I’m not sure. Could you?

I must say that I did just come from the party and the menu he prepared for all of us was amazing and there is brunch tomorrow. Check it out! I’m going back to leave a comment…