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What Would You Do?

I  got an invitation to a dinner party several weeks ago. Tonight was the dinner party and when I got there I found out it was a nude dinner party. The hosts are self proclaimed ‘home nudists’. Okay, okay it was a virtual invitation so no clothes were actually shed but it did get me to thinking.

Would I really attend his dinner party if it was for real. The blogger in question is my friend Tom Baker and you can see both the invite and the fake dinner. Would my husband and I attend a real nude dinner party? James’ thoughts were if he could trust that Tom wouldn’t secretly have hidden cameras all over, he wouldn’t mind. I’m not sure. Could you?

I must say that I did just come from the party and the menu he prepared for all of us was amazing and there is brunch tomorrow. Check it out! I’m going back to leave a comment…


A Week Alone With Just Us Two

My parents will be back Sunday morning as will my brothers and sister. My aunt will probably stay for the day so I’m planning on cooking something special for everyone. My older brother can’t boil water so I think this is a good time for him to get those cooking lessons he so desires. It’s almost laughable. He’s 23 and had to stay over my aunts with the younger sibs because he would have starved. He also has a bad habit of leaving the house a mess and not being around when my parents get home so they chose to clean up. After a vacation the last thing you want to do is clean up behind your son and his friends.

James took off work yesterday! We made a commitment to spend as much time being romantic as possible. We took turns cooking for one another and tried to cook dinner together each night. We went swimming several nights but not skinny dipping. We also tried to keep the television off. We were forced to converse with one another. It was just like dating again. Looking into each others eyes…

When we did have the TV on we watched a few of my favorite movies. Avatar and The Girl With The Pearl Earring. Luckily for me James can stand to sit through chick movies without complaining. Last night we watched the Packers beat the Colts. That was depressing but the ice cream sundaes during the third quarter brought a smile back to my face.

Tonight I just want us to be intimate. Candles and a little Jazz. I went out this morning and bought Chris Botti Live With Friends. He is one of my favorite smooth jazz artists. I recommend anyone who loves Jazz to get this DVD. It is fantastic. Gladys Knight, Jill Scott and Sting are just three of his nine guests. It is an amazing hour and a half. I’m putting it on just to listen to with the TV off.

I’m making some of James’ favorite dishes and I got some oils for a massage. I’m going to spend the evening pampering him. There is certainly a lot of inspiration found on the Internet. I’m glad I started this blog but I’m not sure very many people are reading it. Those that do visit and comment, I hope they come back. In a sharing mood.

Have a great weekend y’all.

My Husband, James

Many people cannot believe I got married at such a young age, but they don’t know James the way I do. I realize there is no such thing as a perfect husband but he is as close to being perfect as I can imagine.

I’m not as naive as people think I am either. James was not my first boyfriend adn I was not his first girlfriend. Furthermore I knew what I wanted and what I demand of any man I would chose to spend the rest of my life with. I’ve been observing my parents since I was about six years old. Old enough to understand that I was interested in becoming either a scientist or a detective.

I studied my parents relationship. I watched neighbors, relatives, and TV families. I am very good at observation. I watched the boy James grow into a man. I watched the loving friend become an loving husband. I know what I want for my life and I know what I want for any children I might have.

There are no guarantees in any aspect of life however, I believe I have done all that I can do as a human being to prepare for my future. I just wish people could be less judgmental and more supportive — especially all those divorced relatives, single girlfriends and most importantly all those people I know who are still married (unhappily) and wish they weren’t.

Over 50% of marriages end in divorce. Period. My parents dealt with bigotry and hatred all of their married life and before. I watched them persevere and if any marriage should have ended, it would have been theirs. Love prevailed and I learned so much from my mother on how to be a female. How to be feminine and how to be a wife to a loving husband and most importantly I learned how to reciprocate and be a loving wife.

I learned so much from my father on how to be a good husband and father and how to respect myself as a woman and most importantly what to demand from a boyfriend and husband.